Published weekly and covers the major G10 crosses and EMFX from a technical perspective. We highlight the important support and resistance levels to monitor for the coming days/weeks, as well as the latest indicator signals and implications for future trends.


Both major futures markets, cash yields, spreads and curves are analysed within the main weekly report. Both momentum and trending indicators are used to determine directional bias, alongside the latest candlestick price patterns.


While our main reports are published on a weekly basis, we maintain a shorter term focus within our daily updates.

Within these we highlight any new and important technical developments and signals, support/resistance breaks and implications for the coming days/weeks.


We are pleased to offer clients a more bespoke consultancy service, tailored to meet specific requirements. Please contact us at for details and pricing.


While our services are designed to offer all you need to know about technical analysis and directional bias for markets, we understand you would also like to carry out your own analysis. As such, we offer a number of educational courses covering many subjects. These include:

Basic Charting techniques

Candlestick analysis

Technical Indicators

Using technical analysis day to day.

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